DIY glass decal tutorial

– color glass decal
– scissor
– sharpen knife.
– newspaper

Here is my window. It look boring and I decided to decorate it.

I chose this color glass decal. It cost about 0.5 $.

Then I chose the pattern I like. Here I used the half flower patterns of  Shelli Gardner. I will use the pictures to explain how to do

First draw the patterns on a newspaper.

Then cut them out and put on the decal.

Stick the template on the decal ( choose the color you want).

Use the knife to cut them out.

Stick them on the glass ( remember mark before).

And this is the result 🙂

Monkey Bridge

This picture makes me remember my childhood. When I was a child I used to go to the countryside with my father. To come to my uncle’s home we had to go through a monkey bridge. It’s very short, just about 2 meters (78.8″).  At the first times I felt my legs shake and I thought maybe I had to crawl through it. 🙂 I asked my father for go another way but he said it was unique and I had no choice.

A lot of years have elapsed but I still remember exactly that time I overcame my fear with my father’s encouragement.

And now, sometimes although walking on the large roads, I feel I ‘m going through a monkey bridge alone.

My material wish :)

Sometimes I have some material wishes :). And this is one of those wishes:

Some notes before the dream come true 🙂

How to choose a Graphics Tablet that fit your needs: here

The decision will be based on : pressure sensitivity, resolution and size

from link:


  • Pressure sensitivity of the pen tip and its eraser( when present) is measured in levels: 512 levels for the Bamboo line and 1024 levels, the highest thus far, for the Intuos3 and Cintiq models.
  • Resolution, measured in lines per square inch, is marked at 2,540 for the Bamboo series and 5,080 for the Intuos3 and Cintiq models. Based on these two differences alone, if one needs or desires more precision and sharper results, the Intuos3 or the Cintiq are by far the better choices.
  • Size relates to the active area of the graphics tablet, which is the drawing/writing area and not the actual size of the tablet. If space is really a tight issue, make sure you take into consideration the actual dimensions of the graphics tablet. Since the active area of a tablet matches your computer screen no matter what size it is, don’t let a smaller sized Wacom tablet fool you: the smaller sizes offer just as many features as the larger ones. Size becomes a concern when considering desk space, laptop use, portability, and user preferances. Bamboo, Bamboo Fun Small and Medium, Intuos3 4×6 and 6×8 are all wonderful options for small working environments.