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DIY glass decal tutorial

– color glass decal
– scissor
– sharpen knife.
– newspaper

Here is my window. It look boring and I decided to decorate it.

I chose this color glass decal. It cost about 0.5 $.

Then I chose the pattern I like. Here I used the half flower patterns of  Shelli Gardner. I will use the pictures to explain how to do

First draw the patterns on a newspaper.

Then cut them out and put on the decal.

Stick the template on the decal ( choose the color you want).

Use the knife to cut them out.

Stick them on the glass ( remember mark before).

And this is the result 🙂


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My little son makes this bracelet for me today. He makes me think “I’m still young” 🙂

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My Wallets

I sewed these wallets just for my family members. I love the colourful- leaf-wallet best so it is mine :). The leaf is my stumpwork embroidery. I used the pattern of a quilt leaf (I don’t remember the original link).

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My son has 501 Science Experiments Book. Once day, he wanted to make the dough experiment. I bought materials for him and it seems that he was very happy and eager.

After he finished the experiment, suddenly I think of polymer clay. I watched on Youtube they make many great things from polymer clay. I couldn’t find it in my country. So I just could  watch and crave.

And I took some dough and …Firstly, I decided make an infant. But the dough was very clammy and I couldn’t control it. So finally my product looked like that:

My son said it looked like an arhat.  How do you think?

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I don’t remember how I was lost in the Blue Cricket Design’s Blog (link). Maybe when I were searching sewing tutorials. But when the first I read this blog, I fall in love with it. I have learned a lot of useful things from it.  It remind me of my childhood . At that time I did many things by myself  with the support of my father. It made my DIY inspiration come back.

One of the beautiful things I like from this blog: (link)

And I decided make one thing like that. This is my DIY.

The patterns I copied  from Decor Elements book of Shelli Gardner. The old papers I took from old Russian electronic book. My husband wanted to throw it away, but I retained because I liked the pictures of electric circuits. Maybe it reminded me about the youth.

I couldn’t stop gaze it after attaching it on the wall, even my mother  wondered what I were doing so long in the bathroom :).

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